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We are a virtual education system that provides social mobility through learning. Our strategy is to create products and services that closely touch the lives of high school and university students, as well as other learners, to help them gain the social mobility they seek through educational achievement.

Instead of competing in traditional education markets, we capitalize on the vast benefits of digital curricula and innovative learning technology. Our digital content and services enable our partners to create unique, customized educational solutions that meet specific needs of their constituents.

The benefits of operating as a virtual school system and having digital curricula include:

Range of Content. Offering a much broader range of online programs and courses that otherwise could not be funded or scaled to meet the broad learning needs of students in an ever-emerging environment. 

Low Price. With digital content and services, we are able to deliver customized programs and courses at a very low affordable price un-matched by current traditional competitive educational institutions.

○ Our entire course content is supported by Open Education Resources.

○ Online production with OER content is estimated to be 80% less than the cost of

producing a printed book.

○ Our per student distribution cost is substantially lower than market, enabling us to disrupt traditional education funding models. 

Mobility. Students can connect from virtually any location and with any digital mobile device at any time. Being digital allows collaboration and data sharing between faculty, parents and institutional partners in real time.

Assessment Capability. Our digital capability coupled with an adaptive learning platform, enables students, faculty and school administrators, to analyze outcomes and learning performance at any time and from any location. This technology ensures no student will struggle or be left behind, thereby positively impacting the student learning experience, retention and graduation rates.


Our Commitment

We believe that the economic and learning benefits of digital learning, material-rich education and services will help to reshape the business of high school, university and lifelong learning. We are committed to advancing education excellence while radically lowering delivery costs in support of equal opportunity and access for all learners. 

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About Citizens Education, Inc

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