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Online learning solutions custom-built for your district
Charting Your School Systems Future

Be the proactive leader who provides YOUR School District a Post Covid-19 student/family remote learning option.

School districts nationwide are facing unprecedented
challenges when it comes to delivering quality
distance learning education.


COVID has mainstreamed online education, making the option of learning outside the school building more attractive—and often necessary—for many students. Citizens Online High School oers a suite of exible approaches to online learning that are tailor-made for students, teachers, administrators, and

Demand for quality online learning has never been greater. And it's never been greater. Can your school or district keep up with demand?

CEI can help!

There are two paths. You can use Citizen's High School as your distance learning school or you can customize our system to be your own brand!

Use our school as your remote academy

Citizens Education's flagship program is Citizens High School. For forty years, we've been teaching students remotely, so we have the expertise, curriculum, and best-in-category online learning software.

Extensive Course Catalog that provides options for:

  • Immediate student enrollment in Approved – Accredited Core Courses aligned to federal and state standards, taught by certified teachers.

  • CEI provides online credit recovery while maintaining pathway to graduation. 

  • Immediate student enrollment in remote Alternative Education. 

  • 9th through 12th grade Career/College pathways.

  • Career Technical Education (CTE) Aligned courses. Add local District credit options for job shadowing, internships, career research study and school/work options.

  • Dual Enrollment. Offer your students ability to take college level courses for no charge while enrolled in your district either traditional or remote.

  • Advanced Placement Courses (AP). Coming Soon

All Aligned to and driven by the CHS High School Course Planner

  • Combine your course catalog with CEI's catalog

  • Student-driven. Completed course, grades and future schedule all in the document. 

Core Curriculum

COHS provides a full
complement of courses
for the four core subject
areas for grades 9-12.


Our IT program trains
and certies students to
use popular software and
programming languages.

General Electives

COHS provides a wide
selection of elective
courses to choose from
that are not tied to an

Foreign Language

The world is becoming a
smaller place and more
students are looking to
learn a wide variety of
foreign languages, such as:
Spanish, French, Italian,
German, Russian, Arabic,
Mandarin, and Portuguese.

Credit Recovery

Our credit recovery
courses allow students to
earn credit for previously
unmastered courses.
Students can select full
courses or half credit
versions of each course.

STEM Courses

Our STEM courses are
designed by subject matter experts to be engaging and
thought provoking as well as inspire students to become future leaders in the sciences and

Advanced Placement

Starting March 2021,
choose from 14 Advanced
Placement courses from our network of highly rated curriculum sources.

African-American Studies

Directed reading courses
allow students to follow
their interests and learn
about African-American
culture, politics, & history.

Additionally, our courses provide:

• Use of Canvas, the best-in-class Learning Management System [explore here]
• Course analytics to measure student progress and identify problem areas and patterns
• Bilingual courses available in core subject areas for ESOL student success [explore here]
• Flexible curriculum that can be customized and adjusted by faculty
• Curriculum is available in digital and, for students lacking internet access, textbook

Our teachers. Your teachers. Or a combination.

Online course curriculum is only part of the equation. Teamed with a talented, passionate instructor
there is no end to the learning possibilities. Our online resources can be taught by your own sta or,
if you don’t have the capacity or want to expand your oerings, you can use our team of accredited
teachers. Or a mix. No matter how you choose to sta, your students will come out ahead!

Our Teachers

COHS can provide
instructors for all of the
courses that we oer.
Each teacher is
experienced and trained
specically for teaching
online to high school

Your Teachers

Our courseware program
is designed to be taught
by the local school
district teacher. We
believe in empowering
the teacher locally
because they know what
is best for their students
and can match their
curriculum to the
in-classroom course.


Perhaps you are using
your local faculty for
teaching a majority of
the classes but want to
oer some courses
where you don’t have
any qualied faculty.
CHS can help ll the
gaps in your teaching
assignments, so all
students can be served.

We can also teach a teacher!

The CHS Teachers Academy is a free professional development course that helps teachers become
eective online instructors. Learn methods and techniques developed in our 40 years of education.

Plan to succeed

Our High School Course Planner is an interactive tool that empowers students to take control of
their high school planning.


World class service and will walk you through each step of the way in enrolling your students,
sharing data, developing reports, and other technical assistance matters.

Schedule a demo or to learn more

or see a full product oering please contact Dr. Michael Dunsmore at

Business Meeting

Build your brand

Online learning solutions custom-built for your district

Whether your district or school needs a full-blown online academy or a way to offer individual courses to students, Citizens Education has an affordable, easy to implement, and fully customizable solution.

A one size fits all solution does not work in the traditional classroom, so why should it work in the online classroom? Citizens’ Education offers an end-to-end online high school experience that empowers your teachers, reduces costs, and gives greater flexibility to both students and the districts to address today’s needs and the changing landscape of tomorrow’s education

Our cutting-edge platform. Your brand.

Your district needs online education today, but you don’t have the experience or resources to put it together. Fortunately, we’ve got FORTY YEARS of hands-on expertise in the field. You can have a world class online education system custom tailored for your district at a price that will surprise you. Our easy to use platform, constructed to reflect your specific curriculum needs, is fully decked out in your brand identity—logos, colors, and style.

This creates a seamless visual transition between your
brick-and-mortar schools and student-facing virtual features
like login screens and the Canvas, the best-in-class Learning
Management System Canvas [explore video] at the core of the system.

It's as easy as 1-2-3!


Tailor the learning.
Our vast catalog of available courses (link to catalog) allows you to select material that is an exact
match to your existing curriculum or you can expand your oerings to include courses you’ve never
been able to oer previously. Our team will pre-load your selections into your learning system.


Link to your SIS.

Our support group will then work with your IT team to set up the API with your Student Information System so that student data is easily and securely integrated.


Prepare for class.

Finally, we will assist in uploading all of your enrollments into their appropriate classes, as well as
provide training for your instructors and administrators on using Canvas for all the various

Empowering your teachers

This solution will empower your teachers to customize the curriculum to the
needs of their students. Online curricula can be a mirror image of the content
being taught in the brick-and-mortar classroom. Or it can expand into other
areas…the choice is yours!

Your faculty will have the ability to:
• Create Assignments and develop rubrics
• Move modules in dierent orders
• Match course sequence to local curriculum map
• Hide assignments and curriculum
• Create Mastery Paths to promote dierentiated instruction
• Email students, provide feedback, and grade assignments

We also provide free training and professional development for faculty through
our self-paced Teacher Academy. Instructors will learn best practices in the
online teaching environment, adding to their skillset to become rst class online

LMS Benefits

• Courses can be accessed from any device with an internet connection
• Mobile app for 24/7 access and notications for students, parents, and teachers
• System-wide and individual course reporting systems

Adult Students

Provide courses that are
geared for adult students
looking to earn a high
school diploma and
improve their career

Blended Learning

Find your own sweet
spot between purely
online and in-classroom

Exceptional Student Ed

COSelf-paced courses
completed from a
comfortable environment,
addressing many
accommodations for
exceptional students.HS provides a wide
selection of elective
courses to choose from
that are not tied to an


All core academic courses
come with a bilingual version that offers students language aids as they are learning both the content and the English language.

Credit Recovery

Our credit recovery
courses allow students to
earn credit for previously
unmastered courses.
Students can select full
courses or half credit
versions of each course.

Faculty & Guidance Svcs

CEI has a great number of certifed teachers from
across America. We can
provide you with a certifed faculty member as a stop gap solution.

Homeschool Retention

Student who choose to
homeschool for safety are
not lost to you. Your online
high school allows you to
collect FTE headcount.

Hospital Homebound

Poor health will not be a
barrier. Provide a full set of
learning services and
greater access to
instructors even while sick
at home.

Multiple Pricing Options
  • Pay by the class (Per student already in school). Ideal for credit recovery

  • Pay by the semester (Per student for full time online) Ideal for Alternative Schooling

  • Cyber Academy. Full time remote learning under your Schools' name, logo and mascot (multiple pricing options to fit your districts needs)

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Mr. Brian Morris

Director of Strategic Initiatives

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What Our Partners Say

Dr. Jennifer Blalock

Chief Academics Officer

Citizens High School

As a lifelong educator, I am so proud of the accessibility and innovation CEI offers to our students Now, more than ever, providing quality virtual academic high school programs is critical. CEI remains dedicated to building sustainable pathways for our  students , parents and faculty. Together, we truly can transform the impact of excellence in online education, one student at a time.

Abbie White-Thomas

Executive Director

Abbie's School

I would like to express my students and my gratitude for your services. Our students are challenged and growing in leaps and bounds using the curriculum you have recommended for them. The curriculum serves as a terrific springboard to lots of discussions. Thank you for providing these young adults with a motivating curriculum.

Dr. Paul Lea

Dean, Valley Forge

Military Academy

Lack of proper technology for students was brought to light in 2020 when schools transitioned to online learning, exacerbating the achievement gap for students in low-income communities. Our partnership with Citizens Education, Inc. has positioned our institution to be able to manage change effectively while focusing on student success.  

Our High School Online Courses are Fully Accredited

We are regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). 

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